The Culture of Conscience

Article Published in Leadership Excellence Essentials, October 2014, vol.10 No.31.

How will your business thrive in it?

Adapted excerpt from THE CONSCIENCE ECONOMY: How a Mass Movement for Good Is Great for Business (Bibliomotion; October 28, 2014) by Steven Overman.

Our interconnectedness has heightened our awareness of the impact we—and the businesses from which we buy, for which we work and in which we invest—have on humanity and our planet. This in turn intensifies the demand for positive agency and meaning, not only in what we do but in all the decisions we make. It’s a clear meta-trend, a mass movement for good, that’s been gaining momentum for forty years.

And now, the movement is reaching its tipping point. Broad awareness of social injustices and environmental risks, concurrent with emerging technology innovations, has given rise to new rules, expectations, behaviors, participants and structures. And the conflux of forces that are redefining how we live, interact, work and play are giving rise to a new global culture. This emergent culture—the Culture of Conscience—is all around us; indeed, we already inhabit it.

A Culture of Conscience is taking hold so broadly that some might dismiss it as too ubiquitous to characterize as a sociologically momentous event. But with it comes new priorities and accountabilities that are steadily transforming the way we work, live, prosper and measure success. The consequences are not confined to one or two business sectors; every business, large and small, will be affected by it. It’s an epochal cultural shift. The question is, how will your business thrive in it?