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An animated and energizing presenter, Steven engages audiences on topics at the intersection of tech innovation, communication and culture. He can customize his keynote, workshop or panel discussion to meet the objectives of your event.


The Rise of the Conscience Economy.

Now that we’re all interconnected and interdependent, what comes next? An emergent global conscience - a shared sense of right and wrong -- accompanied by a growing sense of personal agency in making a difference through individual economic choices. The old rules of economics are about to be turned upside down.

Mobile Humanity.

How emerging and mobile technology is transforming life, work, and world. Sensors, location-based services, health and wellness applications, the mobile internet, trackable data streams, artificial intelligence -- are these technologies making us more or less human? A wakeup call to pay closer attention to change-drivers that are both all around us and in our pockets, and an invitation to re-imagine the world we are fast creating.

The advertising renaissance.

Despite constant predictions of the demise of the advertising sector, there’s increasing demand for information about new services and products, coupled with an explosion of new media and communication channels. In fact, advertising is set to expand. But not as we know it. How to shift creative competencies toward delivering abundant, cut-through, real-time, and most importantly, meaningful and true stories that will drive future business success.

supersonic >> faster innovation, better solution.

Supersonic >> Faster Innovation, Better Solution. You and your team can save the world in 45 minutes -- or at least design the blueprint for a better society and healthier planet. How rapid-prototyping can generate breakthrough answers to the world’s toughest challenges. A superfast, superinteractive session that amps up creativity by generating game-changing ideas in under an hour.

magnetic: from marketing to matchmaking.

Magnetic: From Marketing to Matchmaking. Marketing is changing faster than nearly any other function in business. Marketing accountability has never been higher, nor the need for ROI greater, while abundant data and increasing automation put marketing leaders in the hot seat. How to transform from marketers into matchmakers: creating magnetism between products, services and the people who need them.

“Steven brings a wealth of knowledge and insight and overlays it with an infectious energy to deliver messages that will make you sit up and consider the role of businesses as a force for good. Be ready for an inspiring session.”

Tom Probert, Senior Marketing Manager at British Gas